Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Coming Home to Bellingham by Katie Stewart Stone Blog Tour & Giveaway!

Book Summary:

What begins as a pleasant holiday with a new friend in

Brighton quickly turns to devastation for Anabelle
Milton when she receives the tragic news: her parents
are dead. Turned out of the only home she’s ever known,
Anabelle is sent to live with an aunt and uncle who are
strangers to her. Heartbroken, she arrives at Bellingham
Cottage, a cozy home on the sprawling grounds of
the Bellingham estate, to find an unexpectedly warm
welcome—not only from her own family but also from
the family of their aristocratic neighbors, Lord and
Lady Bellingham.
Anabelle soon attracts the attention of the heirs of
Bellingham—brothers who, though connected by
blood, could not be more different. As she slowly begins
to distance herself from the polite and obedient young
woman her mother trained her to be, Anabelle is free
for the first time to choose her own path. She knows
she must be true to herself, even if it means risking
unrequited love—but can she trust that the gentleman
who has stolen her heart will not break it?

My Review:

Coming Home to Bellingham was just easy to read, it was like breathing for me. It is what every reader wants, a book that feels like your favorite pair of jeans. Anabelle was a character that I personally felt like I could relate to, she was so real and raw. What woman cannot relate to their emotions changing and saying whatever you think and then regretting it? Wishing you could go back and change something you did or not understanding why your emotions are all over the place. Anabelle was my spirit animal! Stone perfectly portrayed a woman’s mind amidst grief and change. A woman trying to figure out who she is and what she wants.

I loved watching the dynamic unfold between her and the Alexander brothers and it was wonderful being able to see her interact and have relationships with each one. Robert was the little brother I think we all want and their friendship just brought a smile to my face. Every single character in this book is memorable to me and I could write a novella on how much I loved this book. Hopefully Stone writes a story for each of the other Alexander brothers, I can hope! Go and read it, run and get it now! You will be “overjoyed” reading it! It is my new favorite pair of jeans! I received a copy of this book for free, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Happy Reading!!!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Live Life Deliciously by Tara Teaspoon, Cookbook


Book Summary:

LIVE LIFE DELICIOUSLY: Recipes for busy weekdays & leisurely weekends by Tara Teaspoon Cookbook



IN TARA’S FIRST COOKBOOK, she shares more than 120 delicious showstopping recipes that are designed to impress and gather people together around food. From leisurely weekend brunches spent over burrata with grilled peaches and orange zest chimichurri to easy weeknight rice bowls with carrot-ginger dressing to a mouthwatering cherry crostata, Tara explains how to put together and master several special go-to dishes with global flavors to add to your repertoire.


Tara’s takes on classic recipes plus her innovative entertaining ideas and helpful tips are designed to encourage cooks to enjoy their time in the kitchen and incorporate new flavors, ingredients, and comforting-but-elevated meal ideas into their everyday cooking.


Live Life Deliciously with Tara Teaspoon shows foodies, both serious and casual, how to present food as an interesting and beautiful culinary experience with dishes that taste as delicious as they look.




Tara has spent more than twenty years in the food publishing industry creating recipes and articles, and food styling for various magazines, books, television, and advertising.


Most recently she has been the food and entertaining director of Ladies’ Home Journal magazine. Prior to working at the Journal, Tara was a food editor at Martha Stewart Living, Kids, and Weddings magazines. She has appeared on the Martha Stewart television show, The Today Show, and on The Food Network as a show judge and contestant.




“Tara’s passion for cooking and entertaining paired with her exceptional professional

experience make for a cookbook adventure that no kitchen should be without.”

—KELSEY NIXON, author of Kitchen Confidence


“Tara has been teaching people how to create joy in the kitchen for as long as I’ve known

her, and Live Life Deliciously brings her style of modern yet comfortingly familiar

recipes right to your hands. Both serious and casual cooks will find success and cooking

joy by following her simple but impressive takes on classics and flavorful creations.”

—SUSAN SPUNGEN, author of Open Kitchen: Inspired Food for

Casual Gatherings and founding food editor of Martha Stewart Living

My Review:

I love this cookbook! The pictures are beautiful and give me the inspiration I need to cook. I like that the dishes look sophisticated yet they are not too complex and overwhelming. While some dishes are things I may already have on-hand  in my pantry, only a few ingredients may be something I need to pick up at the store. So I don’t feel too overwhelmed trying something new. If you want to try new dishes that are not overwhelming, I recommend Live Life Deliciously! I received a copy of this book for free; all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Happy Reading!!!

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The Enemy Between Us by Melinda Sue Sanchez, Blog Tour & Giveaway!

Book Summary:

As war tears her country apart, Franca Chessari's sole focus is on supporting her family amid Nazi occupation. But when her parents, both high-ranking partisans, go missing, Franca is compelled to take action---even if it means crossing enemy lines to save those she loves. 

Peter Weimer is a German soldier forced into a war he abhors. When he can take no more of the Nazi atrocities he’s been forced to witness, he deserts the German army—a decision that brands him as an enemy. 

Franca and Peter were nothing more than two strangers from enemy countries, but when their paths collide amid the horrors of war, they are swept into an epic journey of chilling danger, unparalleled courage, and a sweeping passion that could cost them everything they have fought for.

My Review:

I absolutely loved this World War II forbidden love story. Sanchez includes the perspective of both Franca and Peter and it broadened the story for me. Franca was such an endearing character and I felt her struggles and pain along with her. Sanchez does a phenomenal job emoting what it was like to live during a war and having your life turned completely upside down. I felt like I was living alongside Franca because it felt so real. The struggles, the fear, the battle to not have feelings for an enemy soldier, the desire to be useful and valuable, I felt it like I was there. Bravo to Sanchez for writing a gripping and emotional story that kept me turning pages until the very end.

Happy Reading!!!

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Heiress of All Things Beautiful by Anita Stansfield, Book Review

Book Summary:

Florence Prescott and her family live in fear of her father’s vicious outbursts. Lord Prescott rules his household with a cruel and violent hand, and when one of his drunken rages leads to the abuse of Florence’s beloved younger brother, Florence boldly confronts her father—and pays the price for her insolence. Broken and hopeless, Florence feels like a prisoner in her own life.

As a former stablehand for the Prescotts, Evan Avery is all too familiar with the vicious nature of his old master . . . and the gentle kindness of Florence and her younger brother. Desperate to save his friends, Evan boldly returns to the estate to help them escape. Though Lady Prescott refuses rescue, Evan successfully spirits Florence and her brother away to his family’s farm. There, they quite naturally adjust to the rigors and rhythms of farm life as the bond of friendship between Florence and Evan flourishes and soon deepens into romance. But the couple’s happiness is overshadowed when they receive a shocking correspondence that changes everything.

My Review:

I became drawn into Florence's story pretty quickly and I was horrified at her father's abusive behavior. It was so realistically portrayed that I felt the fear coming off of the pages and I wanted some one to stand up to Lord Prescott. I really wanted justice for how he treated his family members. I loved the relationship between Florence and her brother Evan and the loyalty they had for each other. Their sibling relationship was beautiful. I was caught up in the story until about halfway through and then I felt like there was a lot of telling what was happening instead of showing the reader what was happening. Although the storytelling fell flat partway in, I enjoyed the overall story. I received a copy of this book for free, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Happy Reading!!!

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