Contact Me and Review Info

Publishers and authors seeking reviews please e-mail me at booksaresanity at yahoo dot com

If you are interested in doing a guest post, interview, giveaway or promotion for your book, I am happy to coordinate with you.

These are the genres that I prefer to read:

Romance (nothing explicit!!!)
Clean Romance
Middle Grade Books
Young Adult
Fairy Tales/Retelling of Fairy Tales

If your book does not fall into any of these genres, please feel free to send me an email and I will be glad to let you know if your book is something that I think I would enjoy reading. (I DO NOT accept horror books.)  If your book is a part of a series, please send me all of the books in the series so I can better understand the book and in turn, write a better review.  I accept hardback, paperback and e-books.

I give each and every book my honest review.  Unless we agree upon a certain date for the review to be posted, then I will email you when I am finished and ready to post.  I would love to sit and read all day long, but that isn't possible so it may take a while for me to finish your book. I will send an e-mail to you when I have reviewed your book and the list of sites where I have posted my review.  I typically post my reviews here on my blog, Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Thank you for the opportunity!


  1. Crystal:

    I was glad to talk with you yesterday. Do I need to do anything to get registered on your site?

    Please let me know when the snapshot of CSR will be posted. I'll be posting your notice on my blogsite.

    Thanks again,


  2. Hi Jim,
    You can become a follower of my blog through Google friend connect on the right hand side of my blog (if you would like). Please send me an email and we can coordinate a date for the spotlight of CSR. Thanks!

  3. Sorry I haven't visited your site too often. Life got in the way. How's the review coming? When do you expect CSR to get to the top of your pile?



  4. Hey Jim,

    Shoot me an email, ( booksaresanity AT yahoo DOT com )I am still buried under books, I will get to it, I promise! Let's arrange a spotlight for your book in the mean time :)

  5. Hi
    you posted somewhere that the books you list on your blog are can i read or download them??

  6. Hi
    you posted somewhere that the books you list on your blog are can i read or download them??

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  8. Hi Jim, how good a time is it to send an email? I see you are very busy.